Oh, My Aching Feet!!!

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on June 5, 2015

Oh, My Aching Feet!!!

Feet are simple things, or at least they can appear so, and we take them so for granted. We jam them into ill-fitting shoes, pound them on the pavement and squish them under the extra pounds that we carry and we never give them a moment’s thought until they start to bark, and bark they do.  If you have ever had a foot problem, then you will know just how debilitating it can be. 

The strange irony in the story of feet is that those who wear the least sophisticated footwear, or even no shoes at all, have fewer problems with their feet.  We have bound our feet since infancy in shoes that neither support nor allow the foot to work the way it should.  The result is that many of us find our feet collapsing and becoming dysfunctional as we age.  The result is a wide array of conditions ranging from foot pain to plantar fasciitis to bunions, hammer toes and arthritis.  As if all those things were not bad enough, when the arch starts to fall a chain reaction occurs in the body; the ankle rolls in (pronation), the knee and hip rotate, the pelvis rocks forward  and the low back twists- all because of a falling arch.  I suppose that I could just tell you to start walking barefoot, but in Minnesota that would not work too well and most of us have feet that are a bit too far gone for such a simple fix.  A better solution is to get in better shoes and, for many of you, to get proper support for the arch.  At Chiropractic Health and Wellness we make custom foot supports (orthotics) through a company called Sole Supports. This is a very special product that not only supports and cradles your arch, but also allows the foot to function properly through all the phases of your gait. In so doing it works wonders for all the conditions that I named above.

Our condition of the month for June is Foot Pain and, consistent with that theme, we are going to be giving a 20% discount on all custom orthotics sold during the month. This is a great way to start your summer fun on the right foot.  If you, a friend or family member is suffering with foot pain, please talk to one of our doctors about getting a pair of Sole Support Orthotics.

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