New member!

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on May 22, 2015

Hello to all of Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centers current and future patients! 

This will be my first blog to every write and I must say it is by far going to be the most exciting! My name is Olivia Hageness, I will be the new Chiropractic Health and Wellness center's Community Relations Director!

I am so incredibly excited to start off my professional career emerging myself into the world of chiropractic. I have seen the passion that the Dr.'s and staff here have for healthy and healing living and know that this is exactly where I need to be! 

How did I find my way into a professional position in chiropractic? Well, growing up I have seen the positive affects that chiropractic has had on my family. With a mother who suffers from scoliosis I was quickly dipped into the healing world of chiropractic. My mother, father, brother and myself have all experienced some form of complications, whether it stemmed from direct upper, lower, midsection back pain to headaches, scheduling weekly adjustments changed these issues. When I stumbled across the opportunity to start my professional career in a field I believe in, it has made the transition on my life journey from being fearful to exciting and exhilarating!

To write "about" myself, I would need many pages and more of your time that lets be honest, we just don't have! So, in this case I would like to share with you a "little" about myself. To keep this short and sweet I will share the basics of my life journey. I stem from an amazing family of four in small town Osseo, Wisconsin. Needless to say, moving to the big city has been an exciting adjustment! I was brought into this world emerged into a loving environment with strong family morals. I am plump full of personality and I wake up in the morning fully charged with conversation! To be in a position to work with patients on a daily basis is a breath of fresh air and I would say it is about the equivalent to a puppy let out of his crate at the end of the day! 

Needless to say, I am filled with joy to begin my journey with Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center and to serve you all in anyway that I can! I am now apart of a new family who is just as passionate as the one I stem from, I look forward to meeting all the patients I can and assisting each of you in your journey to a healthy life!