Trail Running: Why You Should Try It

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on March 6, 2015

Running. Either you love it or hate it. I get it. I have had this conversation a million times in my life. As an avid runner, trying to explain to someone who hates running the reasons for why I love it seems to always fall on deaf ears. There are definitely two types of thinking when it comes to this sport, and very rarely is there a grey area. All opinions aside, I wanted to focus this week on a certain sector of running that seems to be picking up popularity as of late. Trail running has been around for much much longer than I have even been on this earth, but I recently started enjoying the perks of it in the last few years. As any runner will tell you, the path that you have run a million times in your own neighborhood gets pretty boring after a while. That's why taking to the trails, and losing yourself in the deep woods is a new favorite thing of mine. Running has always been a much cheaper, and much more beneficial therapy for me anyways, but getting in tune with nature while doing so is another added benefit. I unplug my headphones, and just focus on my breathing, my pace, and my stride. In turn, I always feel like my running gait is so much more precise when I go on a trail run. Mostly because I am trying to not trip and crash over the many roots, sticks and rocks. But that may be a whole different discussion entirely. 

I have had trail running on my mind a lot lately,for a couple of different reasons. I recently read Born To Run, by Scott Jurek. Which I quickly noticed that most serious runners consider it to be their bible. If you want to learn more about why humans run, the barefoot running method, and even the beastly Ultra runners that exist on this planet, I highly recommend it. Trail running has also been on my mind because we now have a partnership with a wonderful trail race that is coming up this April. The Trail Mix Race on April 18th will be hosted in Rockford, MN, on the Lake Rebecca Reserve. You can choose to do a 25k, 50k, or 50k relay with a team. Dr.Fargo and Bre will be there to provide much needed massage and taping services to all the runners who will be there. We even have some staff and patients who will be running together as part of the relay team. (Myself included!) If you are interested in learning more, contact Erin at [email protected] or at the clinic 952.835.6750.
The snow is almost melted, hope to see you all on the trails soon!

-Erin Sontowski

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