The State of Our Health

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on January 29, 2015

The US is blessed in so many ways, but sometimes those “blessings” come with a cost. We have money and leisure time.  Most of us no longer have to do manual labor of any sort unless, like me, you have to cut the grass on weekends.  In addition, we have at our disposal a virtually unlimited source of calories and have to expend almost no energy to obtain them.  The net result of these “blessings” is that between 1990 and 2010 the United States slipped from a rank of 14th to 26th out of the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in terms of healthy life expectancy.  This is a measure of our quality of life and health and we are rapidly falling behind other countries who have far fewer resources at their disposal.(Journal of the American Medical Association 2013; 310 (6): 591-606).  To give this already staggering statistic more perspective it is important to note that the US comprises a mere 4% of the world’s population yet we spend 50% of all the money spent on medical care worldwide and take over 50% of all the prescribed medications.

Obviously if taking more drugs and spending more money on advanced healthcare procedures was the solution to this problem, we would have solved it long ago.  The problem is that these “solutions” do not address the correct end of the problem; they address the tail and not the head.  The “head” is largely made of the choices that we are making that are simply inconsistent with the way our genes dictate we live.  Without writing an entire book on the subject, here are some essential ingredients that, if added to a person’s life, will cause them to manifest the health they deserve:

1)    Cultivate a sense of love and appreciation for the life you have and the people you spend your time with.
2)    Discover or create a purpose in life and live with that purpose foremost in your mind.
3)    Drink pure water and plenty of it.
4)    Get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night; nap if you need to.
5)    Move you bowel every day or find out why you are not.
6)    Fill your mind with information and inspiration and speak in a way that affirms and validates your life and your abilities, and the lives and abilities of others.
7)    Exercise regularly with a mix of strength, flexibility, endurance and high intensity interval training.
8)    Eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits each day (up to 13 servings of ½ cup per serving)
9)    Supplement your diet with a good multiple vitamin, essential fatty acids like fish or flax oil, Vitamin D, Probiotics and plant nutrients.
10)    Eat lean, clean (organic) protein sources.
11)    Consume plenty of pure fats and oils in a 1:1 ration of Omega 6 to 3.
12)    Quit smoking.
13)    Avoid processed, adulterated, sweetened, chemically altered food-like substances.
14)    Be willing to disagree with the status quo in healthcare and with the advertisers of tasty but deadly food choices
15)    Be an advocate for your own health. Read, study, listen and learn about how to care well for yourself and your family and refuse to accept solutions that either don’t make sense or carry inordinate risk for the available reward.

If you do some or all of the things listed above, you will add years to your life and, perhaps even more importantly, you will add life to your years.  You will avoid having to take drugs or become a medical statistic. You will, in short, become part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Enjoy the journey!

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