What Do You Really Know About The Festival Of Lights?

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on December 19, 2014

It’s that time of year again, where red and green is as far as the eye can see, and everyone has the word “holidays” on the tip of their tongue. With all of the holiday hustle and bustle, I can’t help but notice that Hanukkah always seems to be secondary to the hoopla that surrounds Christmas. I got to thinking; do I even know what Hanukkah really is? I figured now is as good of a time as any to expand my horizons, and learn more about the Jewish holiday that spans over 8 days in December. 
From the research I did, simply put, I learned that Hanukkah is the celebration of light over dark. Many centuries ago, the Holy Land was ruled by a group called the Seleucids, who attempted to infiltrate the people of Israel with the Greek Culture. There was a small group of faithful Jews that stood up, and in the end, defeated the Greeks and drove them from the Holy Land. After their victory, they proceeded to return to their sacred temple, to purify it from the unholy practices that were done inside of it. This was done by lighting the menorah with the holy oil, and let it burn for 8 days. There was only one day worth left of the oil to burn, so they lit the candles and waited. The oil ended up burning for 8 days, much to their dismay. Thus, began the tradition of lighting the menorah, and the celebration spanning 8 days. 
In Jewish culture, Hanukkah is not necessarily the most important holiday to their religion. Unlike Christmas, it is celebrated, but not the most popular. There are several other Jewish holidays which are much more spiritually relevant for their culture. 
By looking into what the holiday really is about, it was great to learn more about the real meaning behind it, and how the Jewish culture operates. I will openly admit that I was fairly ignorant when it came to knowledge on Judaism before this. 
I think what the holidays boil down to is they are a time where everyone can come together, and appreciate whatever it may be that they celebrate. It is a season where good tidings and joy seem to radiate everywhere you go, no matter what religion you identify with. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and as always, the Doctors and staff of Chiropractic Health and Wellness are so thankful for such an amazing group of patients and friends and family that support us. We look forward to the New Year, and continuing to take care of your Chiropractic needs in 2015. 
-Erin Sontowski
December 18th, 2014