No labels on the table!

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on November 26, 2014

No Labels on the Table!

While you’re sitting around the table with your family this evening, look at each food individually and ask yourself, “did that food have a label?” I know I have been recently guilty of cooking an entire meal made up of labeled foods, because cooking a healthy meal is the last thing you want to do after a 14 hour day. Easy pleases, right? Well it may please your “too tired to do anything” attitude, but your body is certainly not thanking you. Depending upon your eating habits over the last few years, or even an entire lifetime, your body may be flat-out mad at you.

I know we’ve all heard about these Paleo and Gluten Free diets that everybody is trying these days, but some of us still haven’t jumped on that bandwagon. For those of us with little ones to feed, sometimes the mac and cheese is just easier to get in their bellies than a flank steak with mushrooms (again, guilty). The problem with that is we’re passing on those unhealthy habits.  We need to get on that bandwagon! So my challenge for you: No labels on the table!

What I mean by that is I want everything you put in your body to be as natural as possible and as close to the way it came off the farm as you can get it. I’ve discovered that the most difficult part about this type of diet is having to be creative (I can’t claim that talent), but I don’t expect you to gnaw on a jumbo raw carrot every evening until you start hating the color orange more with every bite. So, we need to use our resources. This part was a snap for me, and will be for all fellow Pinterest addicts (Another board? Yes, please). Comfort foods like beef stew and cauliflower “tots” were the first two recipes on my page and I was sold. What else I found out was, with the proper tools and ingredients, these things weren’t hard at all to make and took me maybe ten extra minutes in the kitchen. What are these tools you ask? Pots and pans, food processor, crockpot….yes, everything you already use. For the Ingredients: we may have to shop in different isles at the store now, but we spend the money there anyway. We have no excuses!

So let’s take control of our diets and do something good for ourselves. After you take a look around your table tonight, think about what changes you can make and go make them. We need to eat like our bodies depend on it…because they do!

Stephanie Worwa

Ideal Protein Coach 

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