Do your feet need a treat?

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on November 24, 2014

Do your feet need a treat?

As sandal season becomes merely a dot on the horizon that was summer, we move forward into the time of Ugg Boots, Sorels and wool socks. Being a Minnesotan, I am no stranger to this transition. I have packed away my flip flops, and given up on wearing any of sort of peep toe shoes for the time being. I am ok with it, as I find boots and flat soled shoes much more comfortable in the long run. Plus I love wearing leggings, so boots seem to be a natural fit for me anyways. However, I digress. What I think a lot of us seem to subconsciously ignore in the winter is the art of pampering our feet, and treating them to a luxurious pedicure once a month. Now in the summer, all of us ladies (and more men than you would think) diligently go to the salon every 3-4 weeks to get the much adored, and much deserved pedicure. Heck, some ladies even go every week to get the polished changed. Which I fully support, as nail color that coordinates with an outfit is really pure bliss for a type-A personality such as myself. It seems as if once the chill in the air hits, and we all segway into fall, pedicures tend to get put on the back burner. We are all so faithful to keeping our body healthy with chiropractic and massage, why shouldn’t our feet get the same attentiveness?

Well lucky for everyone, I have come across a gem of a nail salon in Edina that will help us get out of the winter pedicure rut. A La Mode in Edina located off of 50th and France is officially my new favorite nail spot. The location is incredibly convenient, tucked away on the street level directly next to the parking ramp. Once you walk in, you are greeted by a warm and inviting boutique, which hides the actual nail service area within the store so that you do not feel as if you are in a typical salon. There are great items to peruse as you get prepared for your service. I found great scarves, purses, and of course, my favorite; pajamas! You will be greeted by a glass of champagne or tasty juice concoctions upon your arrival. Then the service itself was really spectacular from start to finish. The employees are all welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable and great to chat with throughout. I met the owner Sara, and she was so down to earth, and really has a passion for creating a luxury experience, but providing that service at a not-so-luxury price. Their manicures range from $25 to $40, while their pedicures go from $40-$60. Which as we all know is very reasonable for a high end luxury pedicure/manicure.

I think as we all prepare to take the New Year on for 2015, a lot of us will be focusing on health and wellness.  My hope that everyone remembers to treat themselves as part of that challenge. Whether it be treating yourself as sort of a “good behavior” reward for exercising, or even just taking some “you” time as the holidays get underway. My recommendation would be to check A La Mode to see how you can make give your feet a treat!

-Erin Sontowski

November 21st, 2014