Gratitude EVERYDAY Keeps the Doctor Away

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on November 27, 2013

With Thanksgiving upon us, focus is often shifted to those things for which we are thankful. On this one particular day of the year, many of us actually take the time to share our thoughts of gratitude about the blessings in our lives, our experiences, and the people who surround us. Unfortunately, these sentiments are often overlooked for the remainder of the year. Besides the fact that giving thanks is just good practice, expressing gratitude regularly is actually good for your health!

• Expressing gratitude decreases our feelings of stress.
• Optimistic and grateful people are found to have more immune boosting blood cells in their systems than their pessimistic counterparts.
• Positive emotions and gratitude are linked with heart rate variability and may be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension.
• People who spend time expressing gratitude before bed fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer than those who do not.

So work in a little time to give thanks regularly, not just on Thanksgiving. Your body will thank you for it!