212 Degrees

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on October 21, 2013

I recently received a forwarded email from my mom with a YouTube link. I opened it reluctantly, full well knowing it was most likely similar to the other forwards I get and would be deleted before I even finished it. To my very pleasant surprise, I found what she sent me very thought provoking and inspiring. Take a look for yourself:

What struck me most about this clip was the perspective that great things can come from small changes. The first inkling is to think about this in terms of business, but what if you applied this to the components of life that help make you well? What if you put that one degree of extra effort into your relationship with your spouse or family? What about making one or two small changes to your diet, or adding in just 10 minutes of physical activity a day that you weren’t doing before? How about committing to do something that you love that feeds your soul just a little each day and therefore makes you a better parent, spouse, friend, employee? Whatever the category, turn the heat up that one degree, create the steam, and be greater than you imagined.

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Dr. Breanna Tivy

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