Chiropractic is not medicine

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on October 14, 2013

Over the years I have heard dismissive statements made by people who do not know or understand what we do.  I have heard them say that “Chiropractic is not medicine”, as if that was some sort of slight.  I chuckle when I hear such comments because chiropractic is so much more than most people realize.  For starters, traditional chiropractors realize that there is a power within the body, an intelligence that does the healing, and consider their role as one of working with that intelligence. We acknowledge that humans are animated by a vital principle and are more than merely biological machines.  We explicitly recognize that the body is a self-healing organism and consider that we only facilitate that natural process.

While we do a good job of treating the various aches and pains that are brought to us, our greater mission is to actively create health.  There is a quantum difference, both in intent and in result, between simply treating or working to prevent illness and actually creating the circumstances that allow real health to emerge in a body.  Medicine, at its best, treats and prevents disease and, while those are noble goals, doing only that has lead this country to a healthcare wasteland where we can barely afford to pay for the number of sick people who we count as citizens.  We can do better as a culture; we can elevate the healthcare game that we are playing and actively seek health.  This simple but fundamental shift in the way we think will make every possible difference in individual health and also in the vitality and financial security of this country. Darkness can only be dispelled by turning on a light and, likewise, sickness can only be vanquished by turning on health in an individual.

So, no, we are not medicine, and we are glad of it.  While we acknowledge and respect the role of medicine we are also beyond it in seeking a higher state of health and wellness for all who enter our doors.  Make sure that you and those you love seek the care of a good and principled chiropractor- your life depends on it.

Tim Fargo D.C.

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