Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on August 12, 2013

This past weekend was a momentous one for our family.  My daughter, Kailey, rowed in her final race in our area for a while.  She has been a collegiate rower for the past 4 years at the University of St. Thomas (graduated in May) and currently rows for  the Minneapolis Rowing Club, where she also coaches junior (high school age) rowers. She gets up every morning at 4:30 to do both of those activities and then comes to our office where she fills in for our community relations director, Nikki Potter, who is on maternity leave.  This hard working, young woman is moving to Connecticut in September where she will rejoin her boyfriend, Sean, who has taken a position with a fine organization called, Teach For America.  It is bittersweet to see one’s children grow into exactly what you had hoped they would.  Sweet, because they are demonstrating the intelligence, toughness and independence that will make them successful in life; and bitter because, of course, we would like to cradle them in our protective and loving arms forever.  We will miss Kailey but are comforted that she is only a short plane ride away from us and we now have modern conveniences like Skype to fill the gaps.

On a somewhat related note, I had the opportunity to do chiropractic work on some of the rowers this past weekend and was reminded of how nice it is to have such a portable and simple, yet powerful, tool to share with others.   I hauled my sort-of-portable table to the rowing venue and set it up under the trees.  It was wonderful to be able to make an immediate difference for a bunch of tired athletes and hear the birds chirping at the same time.  Kailey raced in 9 separate events over a distance of 2 kilometers each.   She is truly our Viking Princess. We are very proud of the woman she has become and appreciate beyond measure having her in our lives.