Dr. Fargo, What Do You Do For a Living?

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on May 16, 2013

I was recently asked what I do for a living.  After a little thought I prefaced my answer with the statement that I do a lot of swimming upstream in a system that is mostly geared to the treatment of disease and, at best, works to prevent it. The current “health” paradigm also places incredible emphasis on the alleviation of symptoms and that, usually, through the use of drugs. While drugs are sometimes necessary and treatment and prevention of disease are both admirable and good goals, the statistics clearly indicate that we, as a population, are only getting sicker.  So, what I do is swim against that current and work to help people actively create health, which is a completely different proposition than either treatment or prevention.

I used the analogy of the person who is trying to create wealth and yet thinks that they can do so by treating poverty or working to simply prevent it.  Put in that context, it is obvious that one will never actually achieve wealth without actively creating it.  Making people healthy is the same thing; if you want to be healthy you have to actively create it.  The work that we do at Chiropractic Health and Wellness specifically aims at creating health by restoring normal function to the spine and nervous system, removing the stress of poor nutrition, facilitating weight loss, improving strength and flexibility and providing key nutrients for healing and optimal function.  I am proud that we continue to deliver this service and provide the possibility of good health to those we touch. Even though there is a bit of exertion in swimming against the current, it is all the more satisfying when the goal is reached.

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