Physical Causes of Subluxations

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on March 18, 2013

Subluxations are created in our bodies when external forces are strong enough to overcome our internal resistance to these forces.  These forces, or stressors, can be categorized as mental, chemical, or physical. Physical is probably the most easily understood because its not difficult to imagine how a hard fall down the stairs, car accident, or slip on the ice could cause a misalignment  in the spine and interfere with normal transmission of the nervous system. Any of these types of events that cause rapid trauma to the body can cause subluxations.

Other types of physical stress that result in subluxation may happen more on a daily basis without much thought. There are certain jobs or activities that require use of only one side of the body. For example, a carpenter may spend their days swinging a hammer repetitively with their right arm, just as a waitress may carry trays all day long with the same arm. Similarly, there are recreational activities such as tennis or golf that require the same motion from one side of our bodies over and over again. Any time repetitive movement is done in the body unilaterally, or one sided, it can cause imbalance in the body which can, in turn, result in subluxation.

The type of physical stress that most people are least aware of is what can be referred to as a repetitive stress injury. This is the type of physical stress that is put on the body day in and day out due to our occupations and habits. Consider the fact that from a genetic standpoint, we are essentially unchanged from our hunter gatherer ancestors from 40,000 years ago. Their days were spent up and about, in constant motion, only really stopping to eat, rest, and sleep. Take that exact model and transport it into our current society where most jobs require sittingat a deskin front of a computer monitorfor at least eight hours a day. And often, this regular day is sandwiched between a long commute to and from work while sitting in the car. Putting the body in these positions day in and day out over long periods of time deprives it of the movement it requires, and creates a repetitive stress injury resulting in subluxation.

The physical sources of subluxation described thus far are easily illustrated in most adults. It is, however, important to note that one of the biggest physical causes of subluxation happens at birth. Even during an ideal normal birth, when the baby is pulled out, enough force is used to stretch an infant neck almost twice its normal length. C-section, forceps delivery and vacuum extraction place additional stressors on the babys body and nervous system. This is why we recommend that all babies are checked for subluxation soon after birth.

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