Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on December 3, 2012

Over my years in practice as a chiropractor I have had such great satisfaction in working with people and seeing how miraculously the body can heal when given half a chance.  As exciting as being a party to that healing is, in recent years I have come to derive even greater satisfaction from teaching young doctors to do what I do.  I have recently started a Roundtable for Chiropractic students wherein these fresh, young people come and we discuss the things that most interest and concern them about going into practice.  We have had 3 or 4 such meetings already and each time the attendance grows.  It has become the highlight of my month and I am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned.  Helping others is a large part of my purpose and teaching others to be more effective helpers themselves is  not only gratifying beyond measure, but a powerful way of leveraging what I know and helping more people.

In Health,
Tim Fargo, D.C.