And so the holiday season begins!

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on November 26, 2012

I had the great privilege of spending Thanksgiving weekend in town for the first time in nearly eight years. This meant no packing, no traveling, and most importantly, a long weekend that actually felt long and relaxing!

Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family. This word has always had a very fluid definition in my world. I didnt grow up with lots of aunts, uncles or cousins, nor do I have a bunch of siblings. This meant that my family was created. My created family consisted of a few of my parents close friends and their children. As I got older, my house became the place where wed take in any of my friends who couldnt get home to their own families or didnt have anywhere else to go. Our holiday family was always a little different year to year.

What was most apparent to me this Thanksgiving weekend is how this created family is now extending to my son. Our Thanksgiving was spent at my moms house with friends of our family, and some dear friends of mine and their young daughter. It was about giving thanks and being with the people we truly care about most. This holiday season I am most thankful for the family that has been created for me, and for the people that make up the family weve created for my son.

In Health,

Breanna Tivy, D.C.