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Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on September 20, 2012

People often ask

People often ask, "How much school does it take to become a Chiropractor"? What many people wonder in asking this question is how the training of a chiropractor compares to that of a medical doctor. In actuality, the course work, labs, and clinical experience required to become a chiropractor rivals, and in some areas surpasses, that of a medical doctor. Here is the breakdown of requirements for a Chiropractic versus a Medical degree.

Chiropractic VS Medicine

540 Anatomy 508

240 Physiology 326

360 Pathology 401

165 Chemistry 325

120 Microbiology 114

630 Diagnosis 324

320 Neurology 112

360 X-ray 148

60 Psychiatry 144

60 Obstetrics 148

210 Orthopedics 156

2887 Total Hours 2706


Spinal Adjusting Pharmacology

Manipulation Immunology

Advanced Radiology General Surgery (in some states)

Grand total Hours

4485 4248

Just as medical doctors can go on to specialize in certain areas of

Medicine, chiropractors can continue their education to get advanced degrees

In Radiology, Pediatrics, Nutrition, Sports Injuries, Neurology,

Occupational Health etc

While the number of hours in basic sciences and in the total school program is very similar, there are some significant differences. Perhaps the single biggest difference is that the chiropractic program focuses on natural means of helping people heal from the inside, improve function and prevent disease. Medicine and medical education focuses on treating disease from the outside-in by using drugs and surgery. The reason chiropractic education takes the path that it does, stems from the fact that we recognize and respect the natural ability of the body to heal when interference is removed and the right circumstances are created. Medicine, on the other hand, tends to minimize the importance of the bodys own inherent healing ability and puts greater emphasis on outside intervention and the role of the doctor.

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Jeremy Faue, D.C.