Rolling the dice.....on your health!

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on October 28, 2009

I recently took my husband on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate his 30th birthday. We relaxed at the pool (it was still 80 degrees in Vegas, a nice change from the weather we had been experiencing in Minnesota), saw a couple shows and dined at some fabulous restaurants. Before we left my husband insisted we spend some time at the Blackjack tables. I do not fancy myself a gambler; I went to the Casino when I turned 18 and cashed in after winning $20 on the nickel slots. My husband, however, likes to press his luck every once in a while in the hopes of winning big. Like many of the millions of Americas who visit Vegas every year, we came out in the red. I fussed at my husband, "Why would you risk loosing our hard eared money? Don't you know that statistics show we are more likely to lose than win? Why would you want to take that chance?"

I thought about Vegas today as I sat down to write this blog. Most people recognize gambling, whether it is at the Casio or betting on a sports team, is likely to result in money lost. Some people choose to take the risk while others simply stay out of the game. When it comes to their health, however, most Americas are gambling with something more important than money- they are risking their lives. 

Chances are that you, or someone you care about, gambles everyday with unhealthy lifestyle habits including: a poor diet, a lack of exercise, too many over-the-counter or prescription medications, too much stress and not enough sleep. Leading research proves that these lifestyle habits lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes- the four leading causes of death in the United States. While there is a chance that a person can lead this type of lifestyle and not develop health problems, it is the exception and not the rule. Just as I told my husband in Vegas, there is a possibility that you will beat the odds, but why take the chance?

It is easy to prevent illness and injury by simply developing healthier habits. Instead of stopping at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin, or skipping breakfast altogether, grab a piece of fruit or a protein shake in the mornings. When you go to a restaurant, share a meal with your dinner companion or pack half of your meal in a to-go container for lunch the next day. Drink more water and less sugary beverages. Start exercising everyday, even if it is just for 15 minutes. Take time to de-stress in the evenings: read a book or take a bubble bath. If you experience pain or soreness, get checked by a Chiropractor instead of just masking the symptoms with dangerous, over-the-counter medications.

Our health is what we make of it. If we gamble with our money we must be prepared to lose it. If we gamble with our health we  must also be prepared to lose, and in doing so we can lose everything. Why take the chance?


Yours In Health,

Morgan Pink
Community Relations